Presenter - Dean Vendramin – Archbishop M.C. O’Neill Catholic High School – Regina Catholic Schools
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  1. Welcome
  2. Formative Assessment in the Classroom -
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  3. Please join this sessions backchannel at
  4. After watching this video ( go to (go to student login) or download the app (there is a student and a teacher app for this presentation you just need the student app) and join the room called Vendramin and take a formative quiz based on what you just saw
  5. Then go to the google doc ( - shortened url using bitly) and view 4 infographics on BYOD
  6. Grab a plicker to participate in a poll based on this article while you wait feel free to view these infographics on BYOD and make comments in our todaysmeet backchannel
  7. Now please go to and add you thoughts in what should go in a AUP (Acceptable Use Policy)
  8. Now that we have look and discussed what BYOD is and how it can be integrated let’s look at the some tools that can go in the tool box, please look at the list of tools I have used or researched the please go to or text deanvendrami323 to this number 37607 and let me know which tools you would like to look at … I will bring whatever gets polled the most and share how I have used that tool or what I have heard about the tool and would like to try
  9. Open up the tool box (these are tools I have used a lot or thought were important to share, there are so many more, please share tools you feel are important in this padlet and let me know if you want to share with group - )
  10. There are many opportunities to create and grow you PLN to help you find tools, ideas and support for BYOD in your classroom … 1) start a BYOD Committee in your school, 2)summer short on BYOD (July 23rd in Regina w/ me) 3) edCamps ( , one here in Saskatoon on May 9, 2015 go to for more details) 4) Connected Educator Books (show, explain), and 5)Twitter (resources for beginners, people I follow and for more great PD visit #saskedchat on Thursday nights for great sharing and growing your PLN)
  11. Thank you and happy BYODing